Two Weeks in Paris Highlights

Paris is a city I could have easily spent months exploring and still not had the opportunity to see everything. What shocked me the most when I arrived was the fact that EVERY SINGLE STREET looked exactly like I imagined. There wasn’t just one central tourist center that was cute, but I stopped in front of buildings on almost every street raving about how much I loved each building. There is so much to see and do, and some of the best things to see and do are simply sitting in every cafe and enjoying espresso. 

Just look at this street corner!

Fall was the perfect time of the year to enjoy this city. In California, seasons are a bit of a mystery, and the vibrant colors all around were beautiful and shocking. Also, a random week in November meant a lot less tourists around, which made the time spent in Paris lovely. 

You can check out my full Paris itinerary here, but here were some of my highlights: 

  1. Macaron Class at Le Foodist: I’ve recently found a love of taking cooking classes while traveling. I like to think of myself as a good baker, but macarons are something that always terrified me. Taking a class was immersive and fun while also a way to find success in this difficult task. We had a great time at Le Foodist, where Florence spent 3 hours coaching us through the art of the macaron. We later discovered ours were nowhere near as good as the ones at Laduree, but the fact we made them ourselves was a huge accomplishment. 
  2. Saint Chapelle: There are a thousand churches to see in Paris, but my favorite was definitely Saint Chapelle. This tiny chapel radiated light and wonder with it’s walls of stained glass. Another highlight in the way of churches was seeing a classical concert at one! These are often performed in Saint Chapelle, however none were available while we were there so we attended at Saint Germaine. It was a beautiful, memorable experience. 
  3. The View from the Arc de Triomphe: Most people in Paris will opt to see Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower. We traded this option in favor of the top of the Arc de Triomphe and would highly recommend this view instead. From the top of the Arc, you can clearly see the beautiful, radiating streets that lay out Paris, as well as capturing the Eiffel Tower in all your photos! Check it out at sunset for some gorgeus skies. 
  4. Croissants, Pan au Chocolat, and Baguettes: You walk A LOT in Paris, and that made it okay to eat ALL THE CARBS. It helps there is a boulangerie or patisserie on almost every street corner. Each day we started with a trusty pan au chocolat, besides one special day the boulangerie on our corner had a croissant with chocolate and almond- pure heaven. Another favorite treat was ham and butter sandwiches on baguette from Pauls – truly a delight. 

Feel free to ask about any travel tips from my time in Paris, and be sure to check out my other posts about the City of Lights!

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