Where to Eat in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I spent three weeks in Kuala Lumpur on a work trip, and one of the best parts of being there for an extended period of time was getting to try a huge variety of the foods they have in the city! KL has one of the best and also most diverse food cultures I’ve ever experienced. From Malay, to Chinese, to Arab, to Western, to a blend of them all, I was NEVER ONCE hungry in this city! See below for my top dining experiences!

Lot 10 Food Court

Lot 10 was right down the street from my hotel and I came here a few times. On the top floor there is a Japanese food court (yummy) but in the basement is where the real excitement is. There is a labyrinth of hawker stands selling a huge variety of delicious food. I got some great sweet and sour pork (not common in Malaysia due to being a predominately Muslim country), famous Beef Ball soup from Soong Kee’s and a ton of other little treats! You can’t go wrong down here.

Alor Street Night Market

Possibly the highlight of my food experience (which is saying a lot) was Jalan Alor Street Market. At sunset, this entire street is magical, lined with different restaurants and street vendors where you can eat your fill. The best thing on the street I tried was the BBQ lamb. It was so flavorful and tender and delicious, I wanted more. Other delicious food I had was a rainbow of dim sum, sugar cane juice, and a variety of fruits. The only downside, there are also a lot of durian stands, an acquired smell for sure.

Madam Kwan’s

A must visit in your time in KL, Madam Kwan’s is a chain that has mastered delivering the essence of Malay food right to you! The typical dish is Nasi Lemak, a type of plate meal with chicken, coconut rice cooked in a banana leaf, and a few other side items as well! The menu is extensive so good luck choosing!


Saw Hakka from a Grab and couldn’t not jump in. It’s outdoors and has tons of cute string lights, as well as super yummy food, and it was packed every time I drove by. We got sweet chili crab here, which was absolutely divine. It was a little sweeter than the Singaporean chili crab, but also delicious.

Din Tai Fung

An absolute classic, Din Tai Fung is located in the Pavillion Mall, and it definitely lives up to the hype! We have several DTFs here in California now, but something about eating these Michelin starred soup dumplings in KL made them taste even better. We also got a beef soup and garlic spinach, but the highlight was SOUP DUMPLINGS WITH TRUFFLE!! This meal was super affordable as well for it being a Michelin restaurant in Hong Kong.

Mak’s Chee

This little stand also boasts a Michelin star back in China. Serving traditional wonton noodles and also located in Pavilion, it’s a quick and easy stop for some great food!

Heli Lounge Bar

Come here for the VIEWS. The drinks are pretty good as well, and you have to purchase a drink to head up to the roof which is a helicopter landing pad by day, and a bar with 360 degree views of the city by night. Definitely the best view to have all of KL sprawled around you. It does get crowded for sunset so try to arrive early, or come late to see all the glittering buildings around.

Marini’s on 57

Another location famous for it’s view! Marini’s is an acclaimed Italian restaurant, so while I didn’t break from my all noodle diet here in Malaysia, I swapped them out for some spaghetti for the night. I dined and had a drink in the lounge, which has both inside and outside seating and has the best possible view of the Petronas Towers. This place is hip and sleek, and not the cheapest option, but worth it for the view.

Spanish Tapas Club Project

I watched Final Table on Netlix on my flight from Los Angeles to KL, so when I heard that one of the chef’s had a restaurant in Kuala Lumpur I had to try it! This restaurant was also located in Pavillion mall, as reminded me of being in Spain! The pan con tomate and shrimp were yummy, and I was sad I was by myself and could not eat an entire portion of paella. A good choice when you’re craving some variety from all the Asian flavors.

Al Halabi

I’m not going to lie I ate here a few times during my time in KL. It was very conveniently located in my hotel -JW Marriott – and I love Arab food thanks to my Lebanese boyfriend. This place had really delicious everything – the zaatar breads, the hummus, the fattoush, I loved it all! And the mint tea was really a tasty treat to end any day.

As you can see, there are tons of place to eat and savor some local and exotic flavors throughout KL. The only thing I can guarantee, you won’t be hungry!

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